Quote of the Day


Inara: Thank you for the wine. It’s… very fresh.

Mal: To Kaylee and her inter-engine fermentation system.

Inara: Are you in pain?

Mal: Absolutely. I got stabbed, you know, right here.

Inara: I saw.

Mal:Don’t care much for fancy parties. Too rough.

Inara: It wasn’t entirely a disaster.

Mal: I got stabbed! Right here!

Inara: You also lined up exciting new crime.

Mal: It’s good to have cargo. Makes us a target for every other scavenger out there, though, but sometimes that’s fun too.

Inara: I am grateful, you know, for the ill-conceived and high-handed attempt to defend my honor, although I didn’t want you to.

Mal: Gracious as that is, looking back, I probably should have stayed out of your world.

Inara: My world? If it is that. I wasn’t going to stay, you know.

Mal: Yeah? Why is that?

Inara: Oh, someone needs to keep Kaylee out of trouble. And all my things are here. Besides, why would I want to leave Serenity?

Mal: Can’t think of a reason.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Jayne: We was just about to spring into action, Captain. Complicated escape and rescue op.

Wash: I was going to watch. It was very exciting.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Harrow: You didn’t have to wound that man.

Mal: Yeah, I know, it was just funny.

Harrow: You willing to fight that hard to protect my property, I’ll have it in your hold before midnight. (shakes hands with Mal and leaves)

Mal: (to Inara) Mighty fine shindig.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Atherton: Inara. Inara!

Harrow: You’ve lost her lad. Be gracious.

Atherton: You set this up, whore. After I bought and paid for you. I should have uglied you up so much no one else’d want you.

Mal: See how I’m not punching him? I think I’ve grown.

Atherton: Well get ready to starve. I’ll see that you never work again.

Inara: Actually, that’s not how it works. You see, you’ve earned yourself a black mark in the client registry. No Companion is ever going to contract with you, ever again.

Harrow: You’ll have to rely on your winning personality to get women. God help you.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Harrow: He’s down. You have to finish it, lad. You have to finish it. For a man to lie beaten, and yet breathing? It makes him a coward.

Inara: It’s humiliation.

Mal: Sure, it’s humiliating. Having to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood. Mercy is the mark of a great man. (lightly stabs Atherton in the stomach) Guess I’m just a good man. (stabs him again) Well, I’m all right.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Mal: Don’t take his offer.

Inara: What?

Mal: Don’t do it. Because in the case it happens it means he’s the fella that killed me and I don’t like fellas that kill me, just in general. I said before I don’t have call to stop you, and that’s true, but anyways, don’t.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Badger: Who’s that then? Here, look at me. What’s your story, love?

Simon: She’s … just a… just a passenger.

Badger: Yeah? Why ain’t she talking? She got a secret?

River: (with Badger’s accent) Sure, I got a secret. More than one. Don’t seem likely I’d tell ’em to you now, do it? Anyone off Dyton Colony knows better than to talk to strangers. You’re talking loud enough for the both of us though, ain’tcha? I’ve known a dozen like you. Skipped off home early, running graft jobs here and there. Spent some time in the lock down, but less than you claim. And you’re what? Petty thief with delusions of standing? Sad, little king of a sad, little hill.

Badger: Nice to see someone from the old homestead.

River: Not really. (to Simon) Call me if anyone interesting shows up. (leaves)

Badger: I like her.

Jayne: That there — exactly the kind of diversion we could have used.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Mal: I thought he made it pretty clear he has no regard for you.

Inara: You did manage to push him into saying something, yes. Made a nice justification for the punch.

Mal: Well, he insulted you. I hit him. Seemed like the thing to do. Why’d this get so complicated?

Inara: Well, it’s about to get simpler. There’s a back door. Desk clerk is on alert. He’ll let us out.

Mal: Whoa, whoa, I’m not running off. I don’t know what you got in your head, but I didn’t do this to prove some kind of point to you. I thought I was defending your honor. And I never back down from a fight.

Inara: Yes, you do! You do all the time!

Mal: Well, yeah… but, I’m not backing down from this one.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

Quote of the Day


Book: A duel?

Wash: With swords?

Simon: Captain’s a good fighter, he must know how to handle a sword.

Zoe: I think he knows which end to hold.

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”