Quote of the Day


Atherton: Inara. Inara!

Harrow: You’ve lost her lad. Be gracious.

Atherton: You set this up, whore. After I bought and paid for you. I should have uglied you up so much no one else’d want you.

Mal: See how I’m not punching him? I think I’ve grown.

Atherton: Well get ready to starve. I’ll see that you never work again.

Inara: Actually, that’s not how it works. You see, you’ve earned yourself a black mark in the client registry. No Companion is ever going to contract with you, ever again.

Harrow: You’ll have to rely on your winning personality to get women. God help you.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

1 thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. this was part of the interesting aspect of the show – the Geisha Archetype

    also part of the crushing message in opposition to Star trek that the future can be adventures for everyone and we all made it because we got over ourselves…..

    She is both scandalous and the peak of civilized conduct, both at the same time.


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