Quote of the Day


Inara: Thank you for the wine. It’s… very fresh.

Mal: To Kaylee and her inter-engine fermentation system.

Inara: Are you in pain?

Mal: Absolutely. I got stabbed, you know, right here.

Inara: I saw.

Mal:Don’t care much for fancy parties. Too rough.

Inara: It wasn’t entirely a disaster.

Mal: I got stabbed! Right here!

Inara: You also lined up exciting new crime.

Mal: It’s good to have cargo. Makes us a target for every other scavenger out there, though, but sometimes that’s fun too.

Inara: I am grateful, you know, for the ill-conceived and high-handed attempt to defend my honor, although I didn’t want you to.

Mal: Gracious as that is, looking back, I probably should have stayed out of your world.

Inara: My world? If it is that. I wasn’t going to stay, you know.

Mal: Yeah? Why is that?

Inara: Oh, someone needs to keep Kaylee out of trouble. And all my things are here. Besides, why would I want to leave Serenity?

Mal: Can’t think of a reason.

Firefly — Episode 4 — “Shindig”

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. cargo cowlot!
    cows are packed away, to dream again of fields with faraway sheep… to sleep, to dream, and then awake… counting sheeps to sleep.

    Um… I was wondering if you’d check out my Movie to cultural context exploded view and let me know you think and remind me who won Oscars for the film year of Fried Green Tomatoes.

    Please and thank you 🙂

    your blogger pal
    Raw Recovery Expert
    Agoraphobic Philosopher


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    • Great post! I haven’t watched Fried Green Tomatoes in years! The Oscars for that year for best supporting actor and actress went to Jack Palance for City Slickers and Mercedes Ruehl for The Fisher King. (Best Picture, Actor, Actress and Director all went to Silence of the Lambs.)

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      • The Fisher King. – that Robin Willams and one of the Bridges brothers – the cuter one…. playing an obnoxious radio white guy getting a well deserved commuppance…..

        right I forgot myself about #OscarsSoWhite but also extreme heteronormative, alternating with awarding mariginalized people nobility in poverty stories when there are Republican Presidents, vs celebrate white guy wankers when the Democrates are in

        geolocating and decade period extension of self flagellations, why can’t we be nicer to others and make society less miserable.

        answer: religion, it needs to be in the Diagnostic Manual.


      • Also, Jack Palance, a steady charater actor was dying, like why Henry Fonda won for the emotional mess of On Golden Pond instead of any or many of the gems in his catalog.


      • the one that made me the most upset was when “Somewhere in Time” lost to “Chariots of Fire” in the costumes.

        Chariots of fire baggy underpants and wife beaters vs all those Jane Seymour costumes and not to mention the fashion commentary of Christopher Reeve’s character being 15 years out of date, how time collapses for people and the difference between men and women and their demands to conform.

        I don’t remember the Chariots of the Fire movie including the queer story, but it was a pretty boring movie.

        men running around a race track vs the Australian Galipoli movie about teh Austrain track guys who became machine gun fodder doing bayonet runs at machine guns nests.

        Honestly, I think I would rather be shot in the trench than run towards the bullet with my name on it.


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