Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “…Ye Who Enter Here”

Skye and May, "...Ye Who Enter Here"

With only a week to go before the midseason finale, things are really heating up on SHIELDOur last episode helped position the pieces for the endgame of this half of the season, and this week’s episode gave us what felt like part 1 of the finale.  This week had it all, with dream sequences ripe for fanfiction, fight sequences, possessed characters, two Melinda Mays, two Koenigs, the return of Raina, and some confirmation of a popular theory.  It’s all building up to an exciting midpoint next week, before SHIELD takes an extra-long break while Agent Carter gets a chance in the spotlight (I’ll be recapping Agent Carter as well).  So let’s jump into “…Ye Who Enter Here”, written by Paul Zbyszewski and directed by Billy Gierhart, and let’s do it quick before my local TV station cuts in with a random commercial at the worst possible time.

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Instant Reaction: Agents of SHIELD – “…Ye Who Enter Here”

*Update: My full recap of “…Ye Who Enter Here” is now live.  Read it here!

After another week off SHIELD is back with the penultimate episode of the fall half of the season, making good on the previous episode’s setup.  Next week is the winter finale, promising some big moments and some bigger revelations.  Tonight’s episode gave us a big confirmation of a popular theory, a serious cliffhanger, some thrilling fisticuffs, some great lines, and more Koenigs than you could shake a stick at.  It may have also given us some FitzSimmons developments, but… well… more on that below.  Everything is shaping up for a much more epic midseason finale, and while the prospect of waiting several months for new SHIELD episodes (even with Agent Carter in between) is not particularly enticing, I still can’t wait to see what next week will bring.  Read on for my instant reaction to tonight’s episode, and check back tomorrow for my full recap of “…Ye Who Enter Here”.

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