Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “…Ye Who Enter Here”

Mack and FitzSimmons, "...Ye Who Enter Here"

On the Bus, Raina marvels at the fact that she now has a SHIELD lanyard matching her with Skye.  She apologizes to Skye for trying to run, but she just got swept up in the moment.  She’s lucky Coulson is the forgiving type.  She tells Skye that her father told Raina so much about her, but Skye says she never met him.  Raina says that’s not true, that they met when she was born and he delivered her.  Skye points out that he also killed a lot of people and almost killed Trip.  Raina agrees that he’s emotional and violent, but says he’s also quite misunderstood.  Skye asks her to help her understand him, asking where they met.

Raina tells of how she was a young con artist scamming tourists in Thailand.  She was with a group of people who called themselves freaks.  Skye’s father took them in and cleaned them up, showing them they weren’t freaks at all.  She says she was a lost soul with no clue where she belonged.  Skye observes that Raina seems like the daughter he never had, but Raina says that no one could replace Skye, that she’s all he wants.

Down in the tower, Coulson and the team are trying to drop lights down the hole to see what happened to the dwarfs.  Mack suits up to rappel down the shaft, which they think is probably about 100 feet deep.  He says he’s not scared of heights, but the dark is a different story.  Fitz points out that perhaps all electronics don’t work down there, and Coulson tells him to pull three times on the rope if he needs help.

Raina asks Skye if she’s honestly ever felt lost, like a part of something bigger, like she was special.  Skye says that when Raina says special she really means alien.  Raina asks if that’s what Skye believes, saying that they’re human but with the potential to be more.  The Diviner, however, is most definitely alien.  She says she partly learned that from Skye’s father, but also from her grandmother, who was from a long line of special people.  The ancients told stories of the blue angels, but they’re also known by another name, the Kree.  The Kree wanted change, leaving the Diviner as a guide to the temple so the worthy would inherit the earth.  Only the worthy are allowed inside to witness its true power.  She says she hopes the others have said their goodbyes.

Mack is lowered into the shaft, telling Turbo (aka Fitz) to let him down easy.  Partway down his lights go out, so he cracks some glowsticks and continues down.  Skye rushes to May telling her to warn Coulson and the team not to go down in to the city.  May tells her not to let Raina get in her head, but as Skye looks at the map of the city she recognizes a symbol that she thinks must be the temple.  She wants to warn Coulson but their transmissions are being jammed.  Not only that, but they’re being hijacked, as a voice comes over the coms to tell them not to activate their defenses or they’ll be shot out of the sky.  The Bus is surrounded by HYDRA quinjets, as the voice tells them that they’re sending over a representative to retrieve Raina.  “Uncloak and prepare to be boarded.”

Mack reaches the ground, and radios to tell Coulson but everything is dead.  He shouts up that he’s hit the bottom and Coulson shouts back that he copies.  He holds up his light and sees that the sandy floor is covered in symbols.  He finds a dead dwarf on the floor, picks it up but is unable to get a response.  He checks the symbols on the floor, and runs his hand along a line to a circle.  When he touches it, the circle lights up, and a symbol appears in the palm of his hand.  He screams and screams.

Coulson orders the team to haul him up, and as the winch raises him Fitz assures them that the dwarfs found no signs of life on their way down.  Mack reaches the top and they pull him out, taking of his harness as he screams and convulses on the floor, cradling his hand.  They can’t find any wounds, but he seems to be trying to say something.  Coulson leans in, asking what he said, and Mack straightens up with red eyes and says, “Run!” before knocking Coulson to the floor.

A quinjet lands on top of the Bus, as the SHIELD team draw their guns and all point them at the stairs to the hatch.  Of course it’s Ward that comes to get Raina, telling them that he’ll spare all their lives in return for Raina.  He found them using Raina’s tracker, which was on an old SHIELD frequency, one of the advantages of being a history buff.  He tells them to lower their weapons, and if anyone shoots the Bus will be knocked out of the sky at once.  Skye is bothered that Ward is back with HYDRA, telling him to pick a side.  He says he has.  He adds that he wants Skye in addition to Raina.  “I made a promise Skye and I’m here to keep it,” saying she’s coming with him.  “The hell she is,” May responds.

Mack is fighting Bobbi, and is super strong, punching through solid wood crates as she dodges.  She punches him in the face but it has no effect, and as Coulson calls for an ICER she dives for her staffs.  Fitz tosses it to Coulson, who fires two into his back, sending blue up his veins but having no effect.

On the Bus, the Koenigs make eye contact, one of whom is desperate for revenge on Ward for Eric but the other shakes his head no.  Ward tells Skye to come with him and he won’t fire a single shot and everyone gets out alive.  She asks if that’s what he told his brother before he killed him.  May says that Skye can’t go with him, but Skye knows there’s no other way.  “Whatever happens I can handle myself,” she says, handing her gun over to Ward.  “Oh Skye,” he adds, “don’t forget your tablet.  You know, the one with a map of the city on it.”  Raina grabs it and the three head up the stairs and back to the quinjet.

Mack picks up Bobbi by the throat as she tries to get in touch with him and his memories of her.  Coulson grabs a wire and tries to strangle Mack, but is tossed aside.  Fitz grabs a gun as Mack hits Simmons in the face pushing her towards the hole.  Coulson grabs her as Fitz tries to reason with Mack with a gun trained on him.  He begs with Mack not to make him do it, that the gun isn’t an ICER but instead has real bullets.  “Dammit Fitz, shoot!” Coulson orders, but Fitz hesitates.  In that moment, Bobbi comes up from behind Mack and jams her staffs down on his neck, hitting him with the hidden electrical stunners inside.  Mack falls right into the shaft, much to Bobbi’s horror.  Coulson orders the tunnel sealed.  “What about Mack?” Bobbi asks.  “That wasn’t Mack,” he replies.

After the credits, we see Agent 33 climb into a car with Whitehall.  She updates him that Ward’s mission was a success and he has Raina.  However, there’s a complication, he took a hostage, Skye.  He said it was an insurance policy, and Whitehall finds that curious, saying he’ll have to ask Ward about it.  At least he’s confident that Ward shot the Bus down once and for all.  33 reluctantly tells him that Ward let them go.  Whitehall insists that that wasn’t Ward’s decision to make. He looks at her and says, “What are you waiting for?  Fix it!”  She gets on the phone and says, “Bravo 4, you have a go.  Shoot them down, repeat, shoot them down.”

Whew, what an episode!  Things are moving as fast as ever now, and twists and turns are coming quick.  There were even Kree for Pete’s sake!  Things are set up for a massive showdown at the alien city next week, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  This was probably the most cliffhangery ending of the season thus far, with Skye in Ward’s clutches, Mack possessed by something and sealed in the city, and the Bus about to be shot out of the sky.  There’s just one more episode before the winter break (and Agent Carter!), so I would expect some big, possibly show/MCU altering events and revelations next week.  As for now, read on for some of my thoughts on the episode, and be sure to check my instant reaction for more.

 S.H.I.E.L.D. Thoughts

So what do we make of Skye’s dream?  Obviously a part of it is simply Skye dealing with some big issues, from parental abandonment and Coulson and May’s role in it to her destiny with regard to the Diviner and the city.  But is there more to it?  Some observant people (Lindsay) pointed out that the song played by the music box was “A Bicycle Built for Two,” known for its repeated use of the name “Daisy,” perhaps indicating that Skye is Daisy Johnson, daughter of Marvel character Mr. Hyde.  I know nothing about these characters, so I can’t speak to the theory, but it does seem pretty obscure for the show.  It seems like a deliberate clue, but it might be a red herring.  At the same time, it’s not necessarily mutually exclusive.  She could be Daisy Johnson AND an Inhuman.  Also, what do we make of the flowered dress?  Was it just to illustrate the connection to Raina, or was it a prophetic dream that the two of them would end up together in the episode?  Do you have any theories?

How about the Kree bombshell?  Obviously, most people had already accepted the Kree theory, especially given the many hints and teases dropped by the cast and crew.  So the alien from the Guest House was probably also a Kree, as were those who built the city and the Diviner.  At this point, I don’t see how this could be anything other than the Inhumans.  The Kree meddled in human DNA, giving some special potential.  Even if Skye, Raina, and others are Inhumans, there still are many questions.  Is the city Attilan?  What will they find in the temple?  What is the (extinction level?) weapon in the Diviner?  What was the mission of the Guest House Kree, who apparently is thousands of years old?  And what will happen next with the story, specifically how it will factor into the MCU and the eventual Inhumans movie.

I‘m really worried about Mack.  Given that we never saw a dead body, I would guess he’s still alive and will reappear next week.  However, I’m not as certain that he’ll survive 2014.  What do we think is going on with him?  Is this some sort of defense mechanism that the city has in order to keep the unworthy away?  Or did he trigger something that should otherwise have been left alone?  It’s certainly disconcerting that the two black characters on the show have both been in mortal peril lately, especially given the dearth of minority characters on the show (May and Skye aside).  Strong women, the show has in spades, but non-white characters are not as prevalent.  I hope he survives, but I don’t have a lot of confidence.  But I wonder his potential death will impact Bobbi’s plans.

Everyone else is as confused about what’s going on with Bobbi and Mack as I am, right?  What on earth could it be?  It sounds like they had some scheme set up, but I’m at a loss as to what it is.  It might have something to do with the Diviner, but it seems like it was in place before they learned about it, given the reference to Hartley being in on the plan.  Maybe they’re after something SHIELD has, or perhaps they want control of SHIELD.  Bobbi was asking a lot of questions about Coulson’s intentions, but we don’t know if that has anything to do with her plan.  Given that she doesn’t want Hunter in on it, perhaps it’s dangerous or not on the up-and-up.  Maybe there’s some mission they want to do.  I feel like we won’t get any answers to that tomorrow, but we will in the spring, maybe even as one of the big mysteries of the back half of the season.  Perhaps whatever’s happening to Mack will force Bobbi to bring Hunter in on the plan.

Looks like next week’s episode will be crammed full.  In addition the the cliffhangers we were left with, we’ll finally get the reunion between Skye and her father, who freely admits to being a monster and leaving behind a trail of death.  Last season’s winter finale ended with Coulson captured by Raina and Mike Peterson blown up, what do we think we’ll get next week?  I would expect some further revelations about the city, but definitely not all.  Perhaps things will be resolved for the moment, or things might completely reshuffle, setting the stage for the second half of the season.  I fully expect a cliffhanger, possibly with a main character’s life in the balance.  Maybe Skye will even show some superpowers!  Regardless, it’ll be a wild ride and the following months will seem like torture, even with Agent Carter to fill the time.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Raina.  It seems that, like Skye, she’s the descendent of a special person.  She’s heard of the Kree before, though she might not know much about them beyond the name.  With all the talk of Skye and Raina “matching,” the flower dress in Skye’s dream, and the comment about Raina being the daughter that Skye’s father never had, it seems like the producers are really hitting the parallels hard.  Is it possible that Skye and Raina are related, perhaps even sisters or half-sisters?  Could Skye’s father actually be Raina’s father?  Or am I off track?  Were the group of “freaks” that Raina ran with Inhumans?  Did Skye’s father stumble upon them by accident, or was he looking for them?  Is there some force drawing them together?  I will tell you one theory, I have a feeling that Raina won’t survive next week’s episode.  I don’t know why, it’s just a gut instinct.  Maybe she’ll try to control the weapon but won’t be able to handle the power.

What do you think?  Did you enjoy “…Ye Who Enter Here”?  What do you make of the Kree revelation?  Is there any chance we’re not dealing with the Inhumans?  Is Skye Daisy Johnson?  What’s happening and going to happen to Mack?  Does SHIELD have a representation problem, given that 4/7 of its regular cast are white men?  What are Bobbi and Mack up to, and what will happen to the plan if Mack doesn’t make it?  Is Skye’s dream significant, or just a way to show us her fears?  What do you expect to see next week?  What do you want to see next week?  And, as always, what is Ward up to?  Let me know in the comments!

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  4. Once more I need to thank you for posting these great recaps. I somehow managed to miss everything after Agent Carter (I watch it online, when I can and my schedule is weird). And of course, the online episodes are mostly expired, so reading these.

    “It’s at this point that MY F***ING LOCAL ABC STATION CUTS IN WITH A MATTRESS COMMERCIAL FOLLOWED BY AN ACURA COMMERCIAL!!!! “… I laughed so hard at this, because this is exactly what I’d say (with perhaps more conversing like a mariner and a heavier dose of literary license). Here, have a Nerf Mjolnir… you’ll feel better. Coulson needs to send Skye on a little mission to that local station… hack hack hack… no more mattresses!

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