What I want to see from tomorrow’s Oscar nominations

The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and while I try every year to predict the winners I won’t even attempt to try to guess the nominees.  However, I do have some things I would like to see when the nominations are announced tomorrow.  I’ve divided these into two categories: actual, genuine “Possibilities” and “Not a Chance”.  I may be hopeful, but I try to keep things at least moderately realistic.  I’ve left out some of the more obvious ones, like Gravity for Best Picture, Director, Actress and all of the technical categories, simply because I think that they’re foregone conclusions and I’m not really sweating them.  Come back later tomorrow after the nominations have been announced (and I’ve gotten home and can actually write about them) for some quick thoughts on who made the cut and who was left out.  In the meantime, read on for the names and films I would like to hear Chris Hemsworth read outtomorrow. Continue reading

Review: The Book Thief

Despite World War II being one of the most frequently depicted events onscreen, and those films spanning a range of genres, from epic war pictures to intimate, tightly-focused narratives and from drama to action to comedy, there have been surprisingly few films released here in the US that tell stories of life for German civilians during the war.  And while The Book Thief, based on the novel by Markus Zusak, may be fictional, it paints a believable picture of what life might have been like in Nazi Germany for the characters.  From the air raids to the pressures of conforming to the Nazi Party, The Book Thief told a story that felt, if not unique, at least outside of the norm.  If in the end it plays things fairly safe, it’s still a beautiful and heart wrenching film with some wonderful performances.

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