Quote of the Day

Julian Bashir: Quark, where do you want this?

Quark: What is it?

Julian Bashir: A case of Alvanian brandy. A patient sent it as payment but I can’t accept it.

Quark: Nice try, Doctor, but I don’t want your charity.

Julian Bashir: Oh, it’s not charity. I find it undrinkable. So do you want it or shall I dump it?

Jadzia Dax: Quark. My sister sent me these. I thought you might want them but they’re really ugly.

Rom: They’re not as ugly as the old ones, but they’re pretty bad.

Quark: This is all very amusing, but I can’t start a bar with a case of bad brandy and a set of ugly glasses.

Benjamin Sisko: Quark!

Quark: Yes, Captain?

Benjamin Sisko: We’re doing some structural repair work on level two of the Habitat ring. We need a place to store some extra furniture for the next few months and it looks like you have the room.

Odo: Captain, where do you want me to put all this furniture?

Benjamin Sisko: We have three levels, Constable. Use them all.

Odo: Understood.

Quark: Captain, you can’t do this! Not without paying a storage fee. A minimum storage fee. Practically nothing.

Benjamin Sisko: Send me the bill.

Quark: All right. Don’t just stand there, Odo. Move it all in.

Rom: Look at them, brother. And you thought you had no assets.

Quark: Sisko, Dax, Bashir, Morn? They’re my assets?

Rom: To name a few.

Quark: I guess you’re right. I need a drink.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season 4: Episode 25 – “Body Parts”

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