Quote of the Day

Wash: Something smells good.

Zoe: Havin’ yourself a little supper, captain?

Mal: Well, Saffron insisted on… you know, I didn’t want to make her feel… it’s damn tasty!

Wash: Is there any more where that came from?

Saffron: I didn’t think to make enough for your friends. But everything’s laid out if you’d like to cook for your husband.

Wash: (laughs uncomfortably) Isn’t she quaint? I’m just not hungry.

Zoe: So, are you enjoying your own nubile little slave girl?

Mal: She wanted to make me dinner. At least she’s not cryin’.

Wash: I might! Did she really make fresh bao? (Zoe shoots him a look) Quaint!

Zoe: Remember that sex we were planning to have, ever again?

Firefly — Episode 6 — “Our Mrs. Reynolds”

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