Quote of the Day

Rory: Lane? Lane?

Lane: What’s wrong?

Rory: I got kissed! And I shoplifted.

Lane: Are you serious? Who kissed you?

Rory: Dean.

Lane: The new kid?

Rory: Yes.

Lane: You got the new kid? Oh my God!

Rory: It happened so fast. I was just standing there —

Lane: Where?

Rory: Doose’s Market.

Lane: He kissed you in the market?

Rory: On aisle three.

Lane: By the pest spray?

Rory: Yes.

Lane: Oh, that’s a good aisle.

Rory: What defines a good aisle

Lane: An aisle where you get kissed by the new kid is a good aisle.

Rory: Oh my God. I can’t breathe.

Lane: Ok, sit down.

Rory: No I can’t sit down. I’m too — Oh my God, He kissed me!

(Mrs. Kim appears out of nowhere)

Mrs. Kim: Who kissed you?

Lane: The Lord, Mama.

Mrs. Kim: Oh, Ok then.

Gilmore Girls — Season 1: Episode 7 — “Kiss and Tell”

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