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Spock: Nothing, Captain. No contacts, no objects in any direction.

Kirk: Care to speculate on what we’ll find if we go on ahead?

Spock: Speculate? No. Logically, we’ll discover the intelligence which sent out the cube.

Kirk: Intelligence different from ours or superior?

Spock: Probably both, and if you’re asking the logical decision to make

Kirk: No, I’m not. The mission of the Enterprise is to seek out and contact alien life.

Spock: Has it occurred to you that there’s a certain inefficiency in constantly questioning me on things you’ve already made up your mind about?

Kirk: It gives me emotional security.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 2 – “The Corbomite Maneuver”

27 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

        • I feel like the fandom for Star Trek was so intense that it explored every aspect of the show in excruciating detail, and that included any of even the mildest hints about romance among the characters. Spock/Kirk was probably just a byproduct of an obsessive fandom, which was popular enough that it caught on on its own. But it’s hard to imagine any other show from that era triggering a similar reaction. (As for me personally, I don’t ship Spock/Kirk, but I definitely understand those who do.)

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          • Nex Gen wussed out doing gay stories – the Dr Crusher and the introduction of the Trill and then the Lesbian Planet where Riker was so alluring….Voyager skipped those issues while DS9 did some interesting alt.universe stuff

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              • what bothered me was going back before the original with Enterprise to return to a white male captain instead of a black woman or asian male/female captain. if they really wanted to extend the pattern of inclusion.

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                • Honestly I was more disappointed about a lack of LGBTQ characters in enterprise than I was with the choice of captain. But it definitely didn’t advance the cause of inclusion in any way.


                  • in fact, it was an excuse to go back in time before humans had gotten their baggage together, so I didn’t watch it. the reboot battlestar did an interest thing where same gender marriage was no big, but polyamory/bisexual group marriages were. the hidden mormon agenda reveals!


                  • yes. that also gave us the “Not in front of the klingons” Spock rejecting a Kirk hug nod to the slashers LOL. I love Shatner’s reply that Kirk could never be with someone who went 7 years between sex.

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                    • I think it also shows how good they were at acting since they didn’t get along, they competed to be lead character, the Uhura kiss was supposed to be Spock, but Shatner wanted the historical moment and he had the more fan mail… thus the often shirt off bwhahahaha. he was so very pretty.


                    • that not getting the new word concept, but also confusing it with “specious” the softer french words don’t work well with klingon, they are more anglo-saxon throaty and curt

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                    • When I saw the one with the Klingon moon that explosed and it was right after the real life Chernoybl and they used the SAME FREAKING LINE ! “ve huf hud un accident at PRaxis”

                      You wanted to RHPS “an accident”, but I actually laughed so hard, I fell out of the theatre chair and onto the sticky floor. I was on an aisle seat and I couldn’t stop laughing, I missed the next scene.

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                    • I didn’t see that one in the theater, and if I had I probably would have been too young to get it, so I’m glad I didn’t catch it until I was old enough to understand the allegory.

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                    • I can’t remember if the movie was filmed in advance of the event or after, but the line delivery was exactly like the Russian announcement. It was funnier than that the Klingons had pink blood.

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                    • movies stand in for stirring the cold war propaganda… who is the villian in any given movie cycle depends on current events. …. it was something I argued in college about the poetry and literature – hard to separate the artistic commentary from the history it was created during.

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                    • The Flight of the Navigator is the only other movie I saw in theatre partly from the floor in front of my chair – the rural mechanice saying “Basic Aero dynamics Mr Hughes” also resulted in total hilarity and no one else in the theatre got it because Hughes is reduced to a crazy drugged recluse rather than the brilliant engineer that he kinda was.

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