Quote of the Day

Kirk: Aren’t you dead? I assume you are loitering here to learn what efficiency rating I plan to give your cadets.

Spock: I am understandably curious.

Kirk: They destroyed the simulator room and you with it.

Spock: The Kobayashi Maru scenario frequently wreaks havoc with students and equipment. As I recall you took the test three times yourself. Your final solution was, shall we say, unique?

Kirk: It had the virtue of never having been tried. (holding up his birthday present) Oh, by the way, thank you for this.

Spock: I know of your fondness for antiques.

Kirk: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’… Message, Spock?

Spock: None of that I’m conscious of… except, of course, happy birthday, surely the best of times.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Quote of the Day

Spock: V’Ger has knowledge that spans this universe. And, yet with all this pure logic… V’Ger is barren, cold, no mystery, no beauty. I should have known.

Kirk: Known? Known what? …Spock, what should you have known?

Spock: This simple feeling …is beyond V’Ger’s comprehension. No meaning, …no hope, …and, Jim, no answers. It’s asking questions. ‘Is this …all I am? Is there nothing more?’

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Quote of the Day

Edith: You know as well as I do how out of place you two are around here. 

Spock: Interesting. Where would you estimate we belong, Miss Keeler? 

Edith: You? At his side, as if you’ve always been there and always will. And you? You belong in another place. I don’t know where or how. I’ll figure it out eventually. 

Spock: I’ll finish with the furnace. 

Edith: …Captain. Even when he doesn’t say it, he does.

Star Trek — Season 1: Episode 28 — “The City on the Edge of Forever”

Quote of the Day

Kirk: You were actually enjoying my predicament back there. At times, you seem quite human.

Spock: Captain, I hardly believe that insults are within your prerogative as my commanding officer. 

Kirk: Sorry.

Star Trek — Season 1: Episode 28 — “The City on the Edge of Forever”

Quote of the Day

Kirk: I thought you said it couldn’t possibly be an Earth vessel.

Spock: I fail to understand why it always gives you pleasure to see me proven wrong.

Kirk: An emotional Earth weakness of mine.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 24 – “Space Seed”

Quote of the Day

Spock: I picked this up from Doctor McCoy’s log. We have a crew member aboard who’s showing signs of stress and fatigue. Reaction time down nine to twelve percent, associational reading norm minus three.

Kirk: That’s much too low a rating.

Spock: He’s becoming irritable and quarrelsome, yet he refuses to take rest and rehabilitation. Now, He has that right, but we’ve found

Kirk: A crewman’s right ends where the safety of the ship begins. That man will go a shore on my orders. What’s his name?

Spock: James Kirk. Enjoy yourself, Captain.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 17 – “Shore Leave”

Quote of the Day

Spock: Check.

Kirk: Checkmate.

Spock: Your illogical approach to chess does have its advantages on occasion, Captain.

Kirk: I’d prefer to call it inspired.

Spock: As you wish.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 7 – “Charlie X”

Quote of the Day

Spock: Nothing, Captain. No contacts, no objects in any direction.

Kirk: Care to speculate on what we’ll find if we go on ahead?

Spock: Speculate? No. Logically, we’ll discover the intelligence which sent out the cube.

Kirk: Intelligence different from ours or superior?

Spock: Probably both, and if you’re asking the logical decision to make

Kirk: No, I’m not. The mission of the Enterprise is to seek out and contact alien life.

Spock: Has it occurred to you that there’s a certain inefficiency in constantly questioning me on things you’ve already made up your mind about?

Kirk: It gives me emotional security.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 2 – “The Corbomite Maneuver”