Quote of the Day


Badger: He won’t deal with me direct. He’s taken an irrational dislike.

Jayne: What happened? He see your face?

Badger: He’s a quality gent. Nose in the air like he never wun gwo pee [“smelled a fart”]. Don’t find me respectable. But you, now I figure you got a chance.

Mal: You backed out of a deal last time. Left us hanging.

Jayne: Hurt our feelings.

Mal: You recall why that took place?

Badger: Had a problem with your attitude is why. Felt you was… what’s the word?

Jayne: Pretentious?

(Mal gives Jayne a confused/surprised look)

Badger: Exactly! You think you’re better than other people.

Mal: Just the ones I’m better than.

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”

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