Analysis: Into the Woods – Why do people not understand musicals?

Into the Woods - "On the Steps of the Palace"

I rarely pay much attention to those around me in a movie theater.  We all have experienced a myriad of awful behavior from both adults and children, and it’s driven some people to stay home and simply watch movies on Netflix (or pirate them), but I’ve mostly learned to tune them out.  There are exceptions, when I want to see how people react to a particular moment in a film I’ve seen before, but mostly I ignore people rudely talking or checking their cell phones and such.  However, I started to notice an interesting trend during Into the Woods that brought a lot of questions to my mind, particularly as it pertains to the state of musical films in today’s pop culture landscape.  And it all made me wonder whether movie musicals will ever be popular enough again to have a regular place at the table of major film genres, and why, exactly, people stopped loving musicals.

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Trailer Tuesday: Interstellar, Godzilla, Jupiter Ascending and Edge of Tomorrow

Welcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies, since I’ve always found them to be endlessly fascinating.

Instead of one trailer today, you’re getting four!  There have been a slew of new trailers, all of which are somewhat interesting but none of which are enough to really get me excited.  So instead of either wasting an entire post on each or skipping them altogether, I figured I’d hit as many as I can at once.  Let’s look at the new trailers for Interstellar, GodzillaJupiter Ascending and Edge of Tomorrow.

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Mega Friday Favourites: The James Bond Series

Welcome to “Friday Favorites” which highlight some of my favorite movie-related things.

For today’s Friday Favorite I’m going to do something a little different.  I just finished another rewatch of the James Bond series (minus 1967’s Casino Royale and the Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again) in order, with the exception that I started with Skyfall and ended with Quantum of Solace.  So for today’s Friday Favorite I’ll be highlighting and listing some of my favorite, and least favorite, things from 50 years of James Bond movies.  And at the end, I’ll list all of the films based on my preference.  (Maybe I should start calling them “favourites” for this post?)

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Review: The Blue Umbrella

By this point it’s well known that all new Pixar films are accompanied in the theater by a Pixar short.  Over the years, these shorts, ten of which have been nominated for Oscars, have become as much a part of the Pixar experience as the feature films.  This year, Pixar attached a short entitled The Blue Umbrella to its release of Monsters University.

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