Friday Favorites: Favorite Sequence – The Hunt for Red October

Welcome to “Friday Favorites” which highlight some of my favorite movie-related things.

The death of Tom Clancy this week at age 66 has brought to mind many of his works over the years, which were immensely popular.  He wrote many books, but he was more than just a writer, he was a brand.  His name was attached not only to his own novels and their four film adaptations (with another reboot of his most famous character, Jack Ryan, coming out later this year), but to several other book series he produced and seemingly countless videogames.  For many years he was the most popular name in military/espionage stories, and while I may not have personally enjoyed his writing (I read half of The Hunt for Red October before I quit from boredom.  My father once said that he thought Clancy must have been paid by the word for some of his later books.), I will be forever grateful to him for the existence of the film version of The Hunt for Red October, which I consider a masterpiece. Continue reading

Mega Friday Favourites: The James Bond Series

Welcome to “Friday Favorites” which highlight some of my favorite movie-related things.

For today’s Friday Favorite I’m going to do something a little different.  I just finished another rewatch of the James Bond series (minus 1967’s Casino Royale and the Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again) in order, with the exception that I started with Skyfall and ended with Quantum of Solace.  So for today’s Friday Favorite I’ll be highlighting and listing some of my favorite, and least favorite, things from 50 years of James Bond movies.  And at the end, I’ll list all of the films based on my preference.  (Maybe I should start calling them “favourites” for this post?)

It’s interesting as you rewatch the films in order and in a short amount of time how the bad moments fade away and the good moments stick with you.  It’s like a sensory overload of Bond, and your brain can only hold so much so it picks the good stuff.   Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Favorite Sequence – V for Vendetta

Welcome to “Friday Favorites” which highlight some of my favorite movie-related things.

After the big news (on my birthday) that the Supreme Court had struck down DOMA and Prop 8, I knew I wanted to feature something related to the topic for my Friday Favorite.  There were many choices.  I could have used Lynn Redgrave’s amazing scene in Kinsey, or anything from Philadelphia or Rent, but I kept coming back to Valerie’s letter from V for Vendetta.  I know it seems like an odd scene given the happy news from this week, but I think it’s important to realize both how important this news is and how far we still have to go.

V for Vendetta is an interesting movie, given that I’ve heard positive things about it both from liberals and conservatives.   Continue reading