Quote of the Day


Emily: Where are you going?

Rory: To the dance.

Emily: You do not go running out the door when a boy honks.

Lorelai: Mom, it’s fine.

Emily: It certainly is not fine. This is not a drive through. She’s not fried chicken.

Rory: But I told him to honk and I’d meet him out there. We agreed.

Emily: I don’t care what you told him. If he wants to take you out, he will walk up to this door, and know, and say ‘good evening,’ and come inside for a moment like any civilized human being would know to do.

Lorelai: Now, Mom, this is silly, I have met him already.

Emily: Well I haven’t.

Lorelai: Yeah, but–

Emily: We will wait until he comes to the door.

Rory: He doesn’t know he’s supposed to.

Emily: He will figure it out.

(They wait in silence. Dean honks again.)

Emily: He’s not a very bright boy, is he?

Gilmore Girls – Season 1: Episode 9 – “Rory’s Dance”