Quote of the Day

Lorelai: I came to pick up that rocker that I bought a couple weeks ago.

Mrs. Kim: Six weeks ago.

Lorelai: Oh, well, OK. Well, that’s a couple times three. That’s six… Math humor. Not big with a lot of people. Don’t feel bad. 

Mrs. Kim: This is not a storage facility.

Lorelai: I know, I’m sorry.

Mrs. Kim: This is a furniture store. Furniture comes in, people buy, then it goes out.

Lorelai: Right.

Mrs. Kim: Except when Lorelai Gilmore buys. Then furniture stays here for six weeks.

Lorelai: How about I pay you extra?

Mrs. Kim: I don’t want you to pay me extra. I want you to pick up the thing you paid for in the first place. (she finds the rocker) Here.

Lorelai: Huh, I remember it smaller.

Mrs. Kim: It’s been six weeks. Maybe it grew.

Gilmore Girls — Season 1: Episode 7 — “Kiss and Tell”

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