Quote of the Day

Simon: Hodgeberries… Do you remember when we found those giant hodgeberry bushes on the Cambersons’ estate? And we thought they’d grown wild, but…Long while ago.

River: I took you away from there.

Simon: No.

River: I know I did. You don’t think I do, but… I get confused. I remember everything. I remember too much, and… some of it’s made up, and… some of it can’t be quantified, and… there’s secrets.

Simon: It’s okay.

River: But I understand. You gave up everything you had to find me. And you found me broken. It’s hard for you. You gave up everything you had…

Simon: Mei mei… Everything I have is right here.

River: You need to eat. Keep up your strength. We won’t be here long. Daddy will come and take us home. And I’ll get better… I’ll get better.

(Simon eats another berry)

Simon: These are better than the Cambersons’ berries.

River: They are. Except they’re poison.

(Simon spits out the berries)

River: (laughing) He believed her. Made a face.

Simon: You are such a brat!

Firefly — Episode 5 — “Safe”

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