Quote of the Day


Kaylee: I’m not saying the 80-04’s hard to repair, it just ain’t worth it.

Older Farmer: It’s a fine machine, you just keep it tuned.

Kaylee: Cai bu shi. [“No way.”] The extenders ain’t braced.

Murphy: I’ve been telling him to buy the 80-10 for years.

Kaylee: Those ‘tenders snap off, don’t matter how good the engine’s cycling.

Younger Farmer: Miss Kaylee, I wonder if I could request the honor of….

Murphy: Wait a minute. Let her talk. She’s talking. Dance later.

Kaylee: By the way, the 80-10’s the same machine, they just changed the plating and hope no one noticed.

(everyone laughs)

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”

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