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Kaylee: The only place I seen somethin’ so nice is some of the things Inara has.

Mal: Well, we best be movin’.

Zoe: I guess she needs all that stuff, the life she leads.

Kaylee: Well, sure. Sometimes the customers buy her things. Some real rich men.

Mal: Come on! These ain’t feathers I’m toting here, ya know?

Kaylee: I like the ruffles. Inara gets to wear whatever she wants.

Mal: What are you going to do in that rig? Flounce around the engine room? Be like a sheep walking on its hind legs.

(Kaylee walks off, hurt. Zoe gives Mal a death stare and takes his bag from him.)

Zoe: See you on the ship, Captain.

(Zoe, Wash and Kaylee board the mule and leave.)

Jayne: Is she mad or something?

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Reblogged this on Nina's Soap Bubble Box and commented:
    this was truly one of the most brilliant scenes in the entire series to throw the crew’s relationship facets in sharpest gender relief – and really, this is a scene that just unfolds in so many ways, depending on which character the viewer most relates to – understanding of both genders in an accessible way and the authentic character revealing their perspective – it was an understated manner of conflict between characters in in a cowboys in space/libertarians vs gubbermint where conflict is generally a matter of bullets

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