Quote of the Day


Oz:  Hey.

Willow:  Hey! Your hair! Is brown!

Oz:  Oh, yeah, sometimes. So, uh, did you decide? Are you gonna be a Corporate Computer Suit Guy?

Willow:  Oh. Uh, well, I-I think I’m gonna finish high school first. What about you?

Oz:  I’m not really a computer person, you know. Or a work of any kind person.

Willow:  They why’d they select you?

Oz:  Oh, I sorta test well. Y’know, which is cool. E-except that it leads to jobs.

Willow:  Well, don’t you have some ambition?

Oz:  Oh, yeah! Yeah. E-flat, diminished ninth.

Willow:  Huh?

Oz:  Well, the E-flat, it’s, it’s doable, but that diminished ninth, y’know, it’s a man’s chord. Now, you could lose a finger.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2: Episode 10 – “What’s My Line, Part 2”

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