Trailer Tuesday: Inside Out

Inside Out posterWelcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies.

How long will Pixar be able to get us excited by merely referencing their past triumphs?  There may not actually be any limit on that timeframe, considering they have movies like Toy StoryRatouilleWALL-EUpThe IncrediblesMonsters, Inc.Finding Nemo, all of which are permanently etched in the public’s consciousness.  For their newest film, Inside Out, they use the familiar tactic (also used in their first trailer for WALL-E) of reminding us why they’re so awesome, and of course it works.  But I’m more interested in the small taste we actually get of Inside Out at the end of the trailer.  Take a look at it below, and read on for my thoughts:

The Pixar montage this time around focuses on the various emotions their films have made you feel, in particular: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness.  There’s a reason for this, as the trailer sets out to ask us a question:

Ever wonder?

“Ever wonder…” it begins, as we see glowing orbs moving about a whimsical setting, covering many shelves with spinning devices, always in motion.

Memory shelves

Before we can figure out what we might be looking at, with these variously colored globes, which seem like they’re being sorted, the rest of the question materializes.

where all those emotions really live?

Aha!  So we’re looking at emotions!  Well, maybe not, as we see a figure pick up one of those globes and look more closely at it.

Joy picks up a memory

As she looks at it, we see that the globe has an image of a slide in a playground, and we hear a child laughing.  My best guess is that the globes are actually memories or experiences.

Memory of the slide

The trailer then shows us a forlorn-looking girl sitting at a dinner table with her parents.

Riley Anderson

This is Riley Anderson, in whose mind we’ve been looking.  We’re told by the text to “meet the little voices inside your head,” but in actuality we’re meeting the little voices in her head.

Amy Poehler as Joy

First up is Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler.  She introduces us to the rest of Riley’s emotions.

Phyllis Smith as Sadness

Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith.

Lewis Black as Anger

Anger, voiced by Lewis Black.

Mindy Kaling as Disgust

Disgust, voiced by Mindy Kaling.

Bill Hader as Fear

And Fear, voiced by Bill Hader.  Joy grabs the five emotions together for a group hug, even reluctant Anger, who tells her, “Don’t touch me,” as he gets a friendly noogie.

Group Hug

We then get a look at the film’s logo

Inside Out logo

followed by the almost too cute tagline, “a major emotion picture,” and one final look at sadness.


And that’s it!  After all, this is just a teaser trailer, meant to catch your interest but not designed to give you any sense of the story.  From what we know of the plot, it’s about Riley’s move to a new city with her family, where her emotions (which live together in the command center in her head) have to help her adjust.

I have to give full credit to Pixar for picking “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith as the music for the trailer.  I could write an entire article on perfectly chosen popular songs in movie trailers (for example, both songs in the Three Kings trailer, or the obvious choice for Letters to Juliet), but this song is just right for Inside Out.

I still have some questions about Inside Out, but I’ll save those for the full length trailer.  (What I really want to know is whether these are the only emotions in Riley’s head?  What about love?)  For now, I’m definitely excited about Inside Out.  There was never any doubt about seeing anything Pixar has to offer.  After all, look at their history.  But still, Inside Out looks like something new and fresh, with a different sort of story than what we’re used to seeing from anyone.  I have no doubts they can pull it off, the question is simply where it will rank in the Pixar canon.  It’s too soon to tell, but I can’t wait to find out?

What do you think?  Does Inside Out look like fun to you?  What do you think of the voice cast?  What about the depiction of the different emotions?  Will Pixar ever not be able to cash in on their solid reputation?  If you could pick five different emotions to represent what’s going on inside your head, what would they be?  Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday: Inside Out

    • Ditto man. I’ve been looking forward to this film since it was first announced years ago, and even more when I found out it was taking place inside a little girl’s mind. There’s just something joyfully complex about it (Joy, get it?)

      I was almost surprised by the trailer, but it did continue to push the Pixar tradition of having no footage from the actual movie in its teaser. Still, it’s probably the best teaser I’ve seen in a while as a homage to the studio.

      I can’t wait to see the characters in action more or at least hear their voices (I think it has been perfectly cast!)


      • The only thing I don’t agree with is that I don’t feel that the girl, Riley, should have a voice. I feel since she’s more the location than the main character, that she should “talk” through her emotions, i.e. only the emotions in her head should talk.

        Disney did a similar thing with their ‘Reason and Emotion’ short from 1943 regarding having emotions inside your brains acting out.


        • Interesting. I hadn’t considered that perspective. I personally prefer Riley to have a voice, because so often the way we express ourselves is more than the sum of the emotions forming the expression. I feel like it makes her more of an entity in her own story, susceptible to her emotions but not entirely controlled by them. On the other hand, Inside Out would be a far more fascinating and unique film if she never had a voice and all we got were her emotions. Definitely something to think about.
          I’d totally forgotten about ‘Reason and Emotion’! Such a great, creative short! Now I need to go rewatch it. Those WWII era shorts are always fascinating to look back on!

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      • Supposedly, they set the film in the mind of a young girl after Pete Doctor watched his daughter grow up from a rambunctious young girl into a quiet preteen and he and his wife wondered what was going on in her head! It’s such an interesting concept, but there is something unique about the mind of a young girl that makes the film more interesting than if it were in a boy’s mind.
        Pixar is the king of teaser trailers that actually have no footage from the movie. It’s a bit frustrating, but it did pull at the heartstrings with the Pixar highlights montage.
        You’re right that the cast seems perfect! I can’t wait to hear more from them!


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