Friday Favorites: Favorite Character Intro – Pirates of the Caribbean

Welcome to “Friday Favorites” which highlight some of my favorite movie-related things.  It could be a favorite character or casting choice, a favorite song or score, a favorite scene, line of dialogue, shot or simply a moment.  Anything is possible (costumes, sets, etc) and I’d love to hear your suggestions.  Note: Just because something appears here does not make it my absolute #1 favorite thing in that category, but it is simply “one of my favorites”.

Few movies spend enough effort on character introductions, in my opinion.  Just like in real life, the first impression of a character can have a lasting impact, sometimes setting the standards so high that the rest of the film is a disappointment and other times ruining a perfectly good character from the beginning.  The best character intros are the ones that play with expectations, and engage the audience by making the character both memorable and something of a mystery.

There are a few character intros in film history that stand out above the rest, and one of those near the top is the introduction of Captain Jack Sparrow. Continue reading