Why I (Probably) Won’t See After Earth

After Earth seemingly has a lot of things going for it that would get me to buy a ticket.  I love science fiction, in particular post-apocalyptic stories (which is why I continued watching Revolution, despite the downturn in quality).  I’m a big fan of Will Smith; I had a poster of him from Independence Day on my wall when I was young, I still think Men in Black is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, and his performance in Ali is spectacular.  I’m also a big M. Night Shyamalan fan, even enjoying Lady in the Water and The Village.  And while I was more enthusiastic about Oblivion than I was about After Earth, I still planned on seeing both.

At this point, though, I think it’s safe to say that I no longer have any enthusiasm to see it.  That’s not to say that I won’t.   Continue reading

Review: Revolution – Season 1

Revolution just finished its freshman season, and I think it’s fair to say it was a bit of a mess, but a mess with potential.  Created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural), Revolution tells the story of what would happen to the world if all electrical devices stopped working.  The series takes place 15 years after the blackout, and gives us a somewhat different take on the standard post-apocalyptic world.  The first season followed the adventures of the Matheson family, first in their quest to rescue one of their members, and then in a quest to restore the power.  Season 1 almost felt like two, shorter seasons, due to an unusually long break between the fall and the spring episodes, and this aspect both helped and hurt the show.

Revolution gave us a world without power, but more specifically gave us a world far removed from power. Continue reading