Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day has never made the list of my all-time favorite movies, though perhaps it should have. That list is usually reserved for films that have had a profound impact on me, or which speak to a very specific and often under-served aspect of who I am. I can’t say that Independence Day fits either of those categories but, in addition to being one of the movies I’ve watched the most, I feel a connection to it in other ways. In my mind, it is the pinnacle of a particular style and era of filmmaking, which rose and fell in the 1990s and was epitomized by a sense of fun, visual effects designed to entertain as much as impress, a “go all in” type of commitment to the movie, and a penchant for the film wearing its heart on its sleeve. And while nostalgia certainly plays a role in reflecting on 12-year-old me seeing Independence Day for the first time 20 years ago, the truth is that my appreciation and devotion the film has only grown through the years through constant exposure. I can honestly say that while Independence Day will probably never make my list of all-time favorites, my emotional bond with it is as strong as any other film I might put at the top of any list. But this article isn’t a love song to Independence Day, but rather a review of Independence Day: Resurgence. I just wanted to make sure you know where I’m coming from when I say that while Resurgence may have its moments and it isn’t as bad as I feared it might be, on the whole it’s a disappointing and occasionally infuriating mess.

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