What if there was a Best Voice Performance Oscar? – 2000

(Note: This is a fictional creative writing exercise, inspired by hours of contemplation of which animated performances have been most worthy of attention over the years.  This feature imagines that a Best Voice Performance category was added to the Oscars following Beauty and the Beast’s nomination for Best Picture at the 64th Academy Awards.  Each week I’ll cover the hypothetical nominees and winner from one year of animated performances.)

Following what many considered to be a huge upset at the 72nd Academy Awards, at which Vin Diesel beat out Tom Hanks for the Best Voice Performance Oscar, the category gained a reputation for being one of the most unpredictable of the Academy Awards.  Since its inception the award occasionally went to the obvious frontrunner, but just as often to a different, more unusual performance, making for interesting viewing but frustrating the odds-makers.  The slate of animated films for 2000 offered up no clear smash hits, making prediction even murkier. Continue reading