My Top 10 (and Bottom 3) at the Movies in 2014

2014 has come and gone, and while there were some definite highlights to the year of movies, overall I’d say it was a bit disappointing compared to years past.  There were some movies that I really loved, but I wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic in 2014 as I usually am for the world of cinema.  However, things are looking up for 2015, with a lot to be excited about, plus there are still a few movies I need to catch up on from 2014 that I either missed or haven’t gotten around to (Big Eyes, Selma, The Imitation Game, etc.).  But now that 2015 is underway it’s time to take a look back at the highs and lows of 2014 at the movies.  Instead of a traditional top 10 list of movies, I like to list out my favorite cinema-related things from the year.  Some of them are movies, but others might be scenes, characters, moments, or even just announcements.  So without further ado, here are my top 10 and bottom 3 of 2014 at the movies.

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Story is made up of much more than plot. I’ve often seen movies with original or unique plots praised for having a great “story,” while other movies get criticized for a dull “story” when in actuality they mean a predictable plot. To me, I envision the term “story” to be the equivalent of everyone sitting around a campfire listening to someone spin a tale. I’d much rather hear a familiar yarn interestingly told, by someone who knows the best way to engage those of us around the fire, read the audience and hit our emotions, rather than someone who tells a completely unique series of events but does so in a flat monotone, convinced that their plot is interesting enough to excuse them from doing the hard work required to make the story engaging. Why do I bring this up? It’s because Guardians of the Galaxy has a plot that is derivative and predictable, but it is so wonderfully, cleverly and creatively told that as a “story” it is one of the most unique and unpredictable I’ve watched in a long time.

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Trailer Thursday: Guardians of the Galaxy final trailers

Rocket Racoon

Welcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies.

I’ve posted a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy since we got our first glimpse of it, and that’s not about to stop now.  Today we’ve got three “final” trailers for the film, the first of which is actually a “viral” commercial for a Galaxy Getaways, while the second and the third are “extended looks” at the film.  At this point, I doubt they could show us much more of the movie without delving into serious spoilers, and even some of these may be pushing the limit of how much people want to know before they see a film.  They also give us a much better glimpse at the emotions and the characters of the film, along with several more complete scenes instead of just isolated clips.  But let’s start with Galaxy Getaways

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