Quote of the Day


Spock: Curious. What Chief Vanderberg said about the Horta is exactly what the Mother Horta said to me. She found humanoid appearance revolting, but she thought she could get used to it. 

McCoy: Oh, she did, did she? Now tell me, did she happen to make any comment about those ears? 

Spock: Not specifically, but I did get the distinct impression she found them the most attractive human characteristic of all. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that only I have…

Kirk: She really liked those ears? 

Spock: Captain, the Horta is a remarkably intelligent and sensitive creature, with impeccable taste. 

Kirk: Because she approved of you? 

Spock: Really, Captain, my modesty…

Kirk: Does not bear close examination, Mister Spock. I suspect you’re becoming more and more human all the time. 

Spock: Captain, I see no reason to stand here and be insulted. 

Star Trek — Season 1: Episode 26 — “The Devil in the Dark”

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