Quote of the Day


Giles: There’s a Watchers’ retreat every year in the Cotswolds. It’s a lovely spot. It’s very serene. There’s horse riding and hiking and punting and lectures and discussions. It-i-it’s… it’s a great honor to be invited. Or so I’m told.

Faith: Oh, it’s boring. Way too stuffy for a guy like you.

Buffy: Um, maybe I should introduce you again. Faith, this is *Giles*.

Faith: I see him. If I’d’ve known they came *that* young and cute, I would’ve requested a transfer.

Buffy: Raise your hand if ‘ew’.

Giles: Well, um, uh, leaving aside for a moment my, uh, youth and beauty, I’d-I’d say it was, um, fortuitous that Faith arrived when she did.

Willow: Aha! (They all look at her) Sorry. I just meant… aha! There’s big evil brewin’. You’ll never be bored here, Faith. ‘Cause this is Sunnydale, home of the big brewin’ evil.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 3: Episode 3 – “Faith, Hope & Trick”

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