Tonight’s Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron


6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1. After the success of Fast & Furious 7 I’m hoping this will break all kinds of box office records. It has already had a huge European opening. I know this stuff isn’t really important but I so want to see something knock Avatrash off the No.1 position and if it were a Joss Whedon film that would just be all the sweeter.

    By the way, I’m catching up with Agent Carter now and I love it.

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    • Agree completely!!! I’d love to see it take the #1 spot! And I finally got to read your review, which was spot on. I would have liked/commented on it, but my phone is giving me fits and won’t let me. I’m glad you’re getting to watch Agent Carter finally. Is it actually on TV or just online? I loved the characters and the setting, but thought the plot could use some work. I hope it comes back for another season, though that sounds unlikely at this point.


      • Agent Carter is just a bit of fun but you are right about the story. I think a second run might stretch the concept to breaking point but the one season is a nice addition to the MCU. It still hasn’t been picked up for UK broadcast so I have had to get it online.

        I look forward to your Ultron review.


  2. I’ve enjoyed all the Avengers films and spinoff series (SHIELD, Carter) and I think this latest one nails what makes it great:

    1. Fantastic action, but not Fast and Furious tripe… rather action that is Art, action that is Traditional Comic Book come to vivid life with all its mythic exaggerations.

    2. Characters: people we identify with, laugh with, cry with, people we’d like to hang out with (*cough* testosterone *cough*), we’d all like to try to pick up Mjolnir and laugh when we fail utterly to wiggle it (*cough*youknowwho*cough*),

    3. Big mythic elements, deep meanings, going below the surface. Not just an action whacked two hours of gun and games. Comics are our modern faerie tales, our contemporary mythology (aaaaand, we’ve thrown in an ancient mythic figure or two: *cough* Norse guys *cough*). We can, as in faerie tale or science fiction, talk about social issues, Good and Evil, how much Government is enough, fear vs freedom, and our relationship with technology.


    Some of the best bits were the little things. Hawkeye’s commentary on being the ordinary guy in the midst of a power packed Epic Battle.. with a bow and arrows. Thor’s subtle shift of expression when YouKnowWho manages to make Mjolnir move, and no one but Thor notices. And everyone’s stunned looks when YouKnowWhoElse picks it up. Natasha and Bruce. Bruce’s continuing battle with the Monster Within, and natasha’s simple and effective (and slightly devious) way to summon the Hulk. Oneliners. Bits of humor. Hawk’s throwaway lines about how he could pretty much just nail Quicksilver in the thick of battle and no one would know… except that you know, deep down, he actually admires the kid. And Quicksilver’s ultimate response.

    A great set of characters who deserve continuing great tales.

    Can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!

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