Quote of the Day

Willow, Xander, Reptile Boy

Willow:  I can’t believe she lied to Giles. My world is all askew.

Xander:  Buffy’s lying, Buffy’s going to frat parties… That’s not askew, that’s cockeyed.

Willow:  Askew means cockeyed.

Xander:  Oh.

Willow:  Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll help Giles.

Xander:  I’m goin’ to the party.

Willow:  What?

Xander:  I gotta keep an eye on Buffy. Those frat guys creep me.

Willow:  You wanna protect her?

Xander:  Mm-hm.

Willow:  And prove that you’re just as good as those rich, snotty guys?

Xander:  Mm-hm.

Willow:  Maybe catch an orgy?

Xander:  If it’s on early.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2: Episode 5 – “Reptile Boy”

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