Quote of the Day

Benjamin Sisko: Dax! I can’t believe it!

Ezri Dax: I can hardly believe it myself. But… I’m Dax. I mean, I’m not Jadzia Dax; I’m Ezri Dax. But I have all of Jadzia’s memories – not to mention Lela’s, Tobin’s, Emony’s, Audrid’s, Joran’s, Curzon’s – am I forgetting anyone?

Benjamin Sisko: Torias.

Ezri Dax: Right. You’re probably asking yourself, “Who is this person? How did she get the symbiont? Do I even want another Dax in my life? Does she always talk this much?” These are all very good questions; and I wish I had good answers for you.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season 7: Episode 2 – “Shadows and Symbols”

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