Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Yes Men”

Coulson and crew are back again, in an action packed, exciting episode that also shook up our show’s characters all while giving us a healthy dose of humor to go along with it.  Also, we got the show’s biggest tie-in to the larger film world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, with two visitors to Earth from Asgard.  Last week’s episode gave us some answers to some of the show’s biggest mysteries, including what actually happened in Tahiti, but raised even more questions in the process.  And while we didn’t get any real new revelations, the show still has some major momentum going into the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see what comes next.  So without further ado, let’s jump into “Yes Men,” written by Shalisha Francis and directed by John Terlesky.

Tonight’s episode picked up immediately after the post-credits scene from last week’s episode.  Asgardian visitor Lorelei has just stolen Jimmy and his car away from his new bride, and the two are cruising in search of trouble.  They make a pitstop at “Rosie’s Desert Oasis”, a bar loaded with leather clad bikers.  While Jimmy runs inside for something, Lorelei makes friends with Rooster, head of the biker gang “Dogs of Hell.”  She’s intrigued by his motorcycle, wondering what kind of beast it is, but she’s more impressed that Rooster is a leader with men at his command.  She grabs his shoulder and tells him that he and his men are now serving her.  Jimmy returns, full of jealousy, but she doesn’t need him anymore and sends him flying with a gentle backhand.

On board the Bus, Skye is getting restless.  She tries to make a sneaky escape from her sickbed, but Simmons is right there knocking on the window and telling her no.  “Damn it, every time,” Skye moans under her breath.  She points out that the color has returned to her cheeks and she’s feeling good.  Simmons objects to her choice of words, insisting that “‘better’ is the more accurate word,” while taking a blood sample from Skye, seemingly a frequent occurrence since her recovery.  Skye’s “not sure how I feel about Dr. Simmons.  She’s so strict… and pokey.”  “Well patient Skye is unruly and stubborn,” Simmons responds.

It’s not all fun and games for Skye, however, as she gets a little serious and reminds Simmons how grateful she is that they saved her life.  Simmons doesn’t feel like she can take much of the credit, but that doesn’t change Skye from being the “most gratefulest…est patient alive.”  “That’s not even a word,” Simmons replies, but Ward shows up to add some romantic tension to the scene.  Simmons leaves, but not before Skye does an impression of her as a Skye’s warden, and Simmons bemoans Skye’s poor accent.

Skye complains that Simmons won’t even let her have a mirror, and Ward promptly digs a hole for himself by saying that he’s seen worse, and then compounding that by clarifying that she looked worse when she was dying.  “Swinging and missing, Ward,” she says with a smile.  Ward’s happiness at Skye’s recovery is all over his face, though Skye has mixed feelings about the situation she put herself in.  Ward reminds her that because of her actions SHIELD knows about Mike Peterson’s resurrection and that James Garrett is on the case, looking into the Deathlok program.  Skye is convinced that something has been done to Mike and that he needs help, but Ward is not so forgiving of him for failing to protect Skye when he had a chance.  Skye is more interested in doing a better job protecting herself, and wants to train even harder with Ward once she’s cleared for duty.

In the medlab, Simmons is running an analysis on Skye’s blood, looking for any trace of the miracle blue alien drug GH-325.  The vial of the drug that Fitz took from the Ghost House doesn’t have enough residue to analyze, so Simmons has been taking as many blood samples as she can from Skye, hoping to find a trace of the drug, but so far there’s nothing.  She’s asked Coulson to upload the scans to SHIELD HQ for a more detailed analysis, but he’s refused, saying he wants to keep everything “in house.”  Clearly all of the secrets that SHIELD has kept from Coulson has taken a major toll on his trust level.

Coulson, meanwhile, is having secret meetings in parking garages with SHIELD agents.  Of course, how secret can they be when he arrives in Lola and the SHIELD agent shows up in a car with the SHIELD logo on the side?  It seems he’s been calling in every favor he’s owed with anyone he’s ever worked with in an attempt to find Nick Fury.  I guess he’s not buying enough dinners or bottles of wine, because his contacts aren’t particularly forthcoming with the location of their boss.  His latest contact tells him that Fury is “off the grid” and that he won’t be found until he wants to be found.  The agent reminds Coulson that something similar once happened to him, before asking “how was Tahiti?”  “It sucked,” Coulson says, putting on his shades and driving off.  I guess the brainwashing mojo they worked on him is officially broken at this point.

On the Bus, while Coulson is gone on “personal time,” new orders have come in.  SHIELD’s detected some energy readings in the Nevada-California desert, which match the readings from New Mexico and London that occurred when Thor and company jumped realms.  Fitz is super excited that it might be Thor, but May says they don’t know for sure, only that it’s an Asgardian.  Fitz still isn’t concerned because Asgardians are allies of SHIELD, but Ward reminds him that Loki sure wasn’t.

The team jumps in their completely non-menacing black SUVs to go “welcome” the new arrival, and along the way Ward questions May on whether Coulson has mentioned anything to her about why he tried to stop them from injecting Skye with GH-325.  Before she can do more than tell him no, there’s an energy surge and a beam from the heavens deposits someone right in the middle of the road.  Fitz runs facial recognition and finds a match with one of Thor’s companions from New Mexico.  The woman, recognizes the SHIELD logo on the side of their vehicles, realizes they’re allies, and introduces herself as Lady Sif of Asgard, oh and by the way, we’re all in danger.


7 thoughts on “Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Yes Men”

  1. There were no fun sexytimes. Ward was RAPED. If the genders in the scene were reversed a lot more people would be upset. I can’t believe the showrunners were so obtuse as to film a rape the exact same way a hot consensual sex scene is. Yuck.

    Good recap otherwise.


    • You are absolutely right, of course, and I apologize for not pointing that out. I generally meant “fun sexytimes” to be sarcastic, but I should have more clearly stated that it was rape. Thank you for commenting and I’ll edit it to clarify.


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  4. I finally (after a confusing hiatus by ABC, and the interwebs version thereof) managed to watch this episode online. I hope further episodes will be not so annoying to catch.

    As ever, your recaps are awesome as May’s martial arts skills, and your sense of humor is wonderful, and totally suits this incarnation of the Marvel Universe.

    Having just seen Cap 2 2x.. the cameo of Bald SHIELD Dude in Badass SUV was a hoot.

    Do you know who you’re talking to Son of Coul?

    Since I have a thing for Norse myth (which I read first in school), and have hung out for decades with Viking re-enactors (with our own longship), Thor and the Asgardians (correctly, Aesir) are my favorites (followed by the other tallblond dude, Steve), so the appearance of Sif was totally awesome. It’s also useful to have that knowledge of the original myth, in which she is actually the Earth Goddess (or one of them), and Thor’s wife. So, hey, it all works out somewhere in the end. In the Marvel universe, she is one of those characters I was trying to be when I was twenty, sword and all. She rules, even if she is just a wee bit skinny for a Warrior Princess.

    Strikes me that the “son” name ending is a common Norse thing… Leif Erikson and all that… and that Son of Coul is a pretty fair literal interpretation of it. And hilarious.

    I see a terrific weaving of the threads of the films and the series together. Very cool, I don’t remember any other franchise that did this.

    I see Son of Coul and his Doughty Crew going into stealth mode and surviving SHIELD’s demise, and resurrecting it in a new form.

    I like May too much to think she’s working for the Bad Guys. I think she’s working for Fury. And he’s one of those terrific characters who is both scary and magnificent, heroic and mysterious (just whose side is he really on????) at times.

    Yeah, the Lorelei/Ward scene should raise some conversation about sexual abuse… in fact her whole character should raise those questions. She is manipulating men for her own ends, and that is abuse in and of itself. This is a good example of how popular culture’s stories can raise awareness, turn on the light, and get us to question our assumptions.

    Blog on!


    • Yay! I’m so glad you’re finally able to watch it. The ABC online situation has been horrible, and they really should be ashamed of themselves.
      Aww, thanks, but I think you’re vastly overrating my recapping abilities. But, I appreciate the compliment.
      I thought they used Sif really well, much better than she has been used in either of the Thor films. I get that in a 2 hour movie there’s only so much you can show, but she was really shunted to the side, so it was nice to see her get somem of the limelight.
      Ooh, just wait until you see the next episodes!


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