5 thoughts on “Idina Menzel sings “Let It Go” with classroom instruments and Jimmy Fallon

      • Ah, maybe my english was insufficiently precise 🙂 What I meant was that they subverted so much that you had to notice it, but I did not see it coming before the very moment it was about to happen.

        Anyway, this will lead to me watching Tangled now… Even if it isn’t as good as Frozen I have a good feeling about it now.

        A sidenote: The musical aspect did not bother me the least, but watching this and watching recent Pixar movies, there is a huge difference in style and tone. And it’s not just the musical aspect.


        • I didn’t see it coming either! On a second viewing it was interesting to rewatch Hans’ scenes knowing how the movie ends.
          I would say Tangled is not as objectively good as Frozen, but Tangled really hits me harder emotionally than Frozen does. I’m much more attached to Tangled, but that’s just on a personal level.
          I love musicals, so that aspect was great to me. But you’re right that there’s a very different tone and style between Frozen and Pixar movies like Brave.
          Thanks for commenting!


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