Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Seeds”

In Mexico City, May and Coulson are staking out a dress shop in Lola, while May discusses how Lumley could have escaped SHIElD’s notice, including an elaborately imagined plot involving hiding in the wheel well of a 747.  Coulson interrupts May, wondering why she’s talking more than she ever does, and curious why May all of a sudden is interested in Skye’s background.  He wants to know if she really cares about Skye or if this is just a way to distract him.  She says it’s both, but that Skye has proved valuable and dependable and she does genuinely care about her.  Coulson confesses that he doesn’t believe anything anymore, and if they changed his memories he wonders what else they changed.  May tells him that she knew him before and after his death and that he hasn’t changed at all, and he seems to finally believe her.  He tells her he’s just tired of secrets, and that he wants to root them all out.  May pauses for a second and says, “Agent Ward and I have been having sex,” but Coulson has just spotted Lumley so that will have to wait.

May takes off after him, chasing him down an alley and cornering him.  They fight, but May seems to have the upper hand.  Lumley pulls what looks like a suicide pill out of his watch, but before he can swallow it May has kicked it away.  He manages to knock her down but as he goes to flee Coulson drives up in Lola.  Lumley starts to climb, but Coulson simply flips a switch and Lola rises into the air right alongside him (the first time we’ve seen Lola fly since the pilot!).  Coulson says his name and that he’s from SHIELD and Lumley replies, “Oh thank god.  This is about the baby girl, isn’t it?”

They take Lumley back to the Bus, where he looks over the information they’ve gathered thus far.  Seeing a picture of Agent Avery, he tells the story of a mission involving many agents, who went to China to investigate an 0-8-4 (an “object of unknown origin”, like the one encountered by our team all the way back in the 2nd episode).  They encountered a village whose entire population had been killed, and when the first team died, Limley, Avery and the backup team went to investigate.  They found the team leader hiding under a bridge, having been shot but still holding the 0-8-4.  The agent died, however, and Lumley observed that “the poor thing was covered in blood.”  This gets confused looks from Coulson and May, but they eventually realize that Skye was the 0-8-4.

The agents returned with the baby Skye, but one by one the rest of the team was executed until just Avery and Lumley were left.  They realized that they had to protect the girl, so Avery forged Level 8 clearance and created a new identity for Skye before dropping her off at the orphanage.  She fabricated orders to the orphanage to continually movie Skye from family to family as a way to keep her hidden and protected.  Avery was eventually killed by whoever had murdered the rest of the Agents, having refused to give up Skye’s secrets.  Lumley vanished, and for his own safety doesn’t want to know anything about Skye, other than that she’s safe.  He asks if they’re going to take him in, and May says yes but Coulson says no, that it’s safer if he’s kept away from SHIELD.  Lumley warns them to stay away from Skye, that death follows wherever she goes.  May warns Coulson that they can never tell Skye the truth, that it’s too much for her.

Fitz bonds with Donnie, reminiscing about his own days at the Academy and comforting him that he’ll eventually make some friends.  He looks over Donnie’s work and marvels at how advanced his designs are.  They’re way beyond anything Fitz was doing at that age, and though Donnie says Fitz was the smartest to come through the Academy he confesses that Simmons is technically smarter but only because she “likes homework more than life itself”.  However, one particular design for a power cell is giving Donnie trouble, as it keeps overheating, but Fitz solves it with an idea that completely impresses Donnie.  He leaves, feeling like Donnie is a good guy who is just misunderstood.

Simmons, Skye and Ward are having a good time in the Boiler Room, where Skye points out Callie, whom she has learned is next in line for the Sandbox after Donnie and who was the only one of the group not to actually dive into the pool.  Ward goes to chat her up over a game of pool, where she impresses him with her ability to easily calculate the proper lines to sink the most balls.  It’s a little flirty, and he thinks he’s going to be able to nail her as the attacker when she comments that Seth and Donnie are actually friends.  Not only that but they’d been talking about getting to meet Fitz for weeks, long before the incident in the swimming pool.  Simmons calls Fitz with this information, as they realize that the attacks were staged in order to lure Fitz to the Academy.  He doesn’t understand why until it dawns on him that he just solved Donnie’s power cell problem.  He rushes back to Donnie’s room to see a much larger version of the freezing device, but is shot by Seth before he can raise the alarm.

Back on the Bus, Fitz apologizes to Coulson for being too stupid to see the plot, but realizes that Donnie and Seth could never have acquired the necessary parts without a financial backer, to whom they plan to sell the final product.  Skye wants to talk to Coulson but he says not now, because they need to track down the money.  Their search leads them to Ian Quinn, who happens to be on the phone with Seth that very moment.  They have taken the device to a parking lot and are putting the finishing touches on it, but Seth is worried about what he did to Fitz.  He wants Quinn to come pick them up and hide them from SHIELD, but he wants to see a demonstration of the device before he’ll commit.  Donnie thinks things have gone too far and doesn’t want to turn it on in the middle of campus, but Seth tells him to grow a pair.  Meanwhile, Quinn tells his pilot to turn around, as they don’t need to head to the Academy anymore.

Skye finally gets Coulson alone for a talk, wondering if she has done something wrong that has caused him to refuse to look her in the eye.  Coulson says that she hasn’t, but that he’s the one who did something wrong.  He confesses to lying to her and manipulating people, something that SHIELD is not only an expert at but that that they actually train people to manipulate.  He is going to tell her the truth, but warns her that while she thinks it can’t be worse than what she has imagined, it actually is worse.  He tells her everything he knows while she listens and nods while sobbing to herself, as he gently puts a comforting hand on her cheek.


9 thoughts on “Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Seeds”

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  2. OK… I am officially done with ABC. Done. Done. Done. Dinny dinny done done.

    Saw “Magical Place”, online, some time after it aired (fine, I don’t mind waiting, I can’t afford cable etc). Fine.

    Thinking, “I should see if Seeds is up”. There it is, sitting there. And the one before it is expiring. And Seeds is not playing,. no way, no how.

    Now, I AM technologically impaired, (what am I missing?!?!?) but if you are ABC, and you have a website, and a great new show, you are getting boucou bucks from advertisers and should be able to make watching online simple, easy, intelligible (throw in a few commercials, fine, whatever).

    It is not. And whatthebleep does it mean new episodes return Mar whatever? What, I can’t watch this till then? It’s going to be expired and some new stuff comes on that I can’t watch till July?????

    To quote Sherlock Holmes’ mom, I may turn into a monster. At least (take notes ABC) PBS is free, continues to be free, and shows Sherlock. And Nature. And Nova (which once did a four hour special about my idiotic school and intelligent design). I’ll cheerfully sit through more of their fundraisers (and send funds when I can afford it).

    This is why the BBC and PBS are better than the rest.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just read the recaps here. And buy the series on DVD later. Your blog rules. Carry on.


    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ve been sick and my parents visited and a whole bunch of other things that are no excuse.

      I’m sorry that ABC is being horrible and stupid. I don’t blame you at all for giving up on them if they’re making it so difficult for you to watch the episodes. There’s no reason at all for them to be doing this with the online viewing. You shouldn’t have to buy a full cable package to watch the shows you want to watch, they should make it easy to watch online. It’s not like they’re not making money from the online ads.

      Stick with BBC and PBS and watch SHIELD on DVD or Netflix or something once it comes out as a season in the fall. It serves them right if they can’t make it easy for you to watch. And you can always read my recaps if you can’t wait to find out what happens!


  3. As ever, your detailed and insightful recaps are wonderful (even if I haven’t been able to watch the episode).

    “…much like the revelations about Coulson last week, the actual answers to the mystery are not as important as the effect they have on the characters.” I think this sums up a great deal about SHIELD, or any well written suspense/mystery series. Although I like answers… it’s just part of my nature…. Skye’s a WHAT? I’m rooting for Asgardian… now that would complicate things….

    The difference between Sky’es reaction and Coulson’s, to revelation of truth, is that of the young and flexible vs the aged and experienced. Change, we hates it preciousssssssss we hatesss it.

    I seriously hope this series is given a few more years to develop. Back in the days of Bonanza (which set some kind of record for long running TV series), series were allowed a couple years to catch on. Now, it’s like if they don’t kill the ratings in the first five minutes they’re axed. Hopefully SHIELD continues to thrive. It’s turning into a doozy!

    Auuuuuuuuuuuugh! Now I’m gong to miss the Stan Lee cameo!

    There’s always the DVD…


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