4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Cant wait to see what you blog in your review of this film.

    Unlike Tangled (which left me quite ambivalent), I was in love with this from the first scene with the ice cutters and their rousing song. Some reviewers noted some issues (pr perhaps it was only their taste, or lack thereof), one of which is we still have a certain Formula that Pixar is better at mangling, crumpling and tossing over a cliff than Disney is. There are tons of things to love about this film though, and one is that the expected villain is not, and an expected hero is not either. And sisters. And family dynamics. And being true to yourself. And having a gift but being afraid of it.

    And adorable reindeer(s are better than people… Kristoff, a man after my own heart), which were obviously researched well by the animators. As was the 4568376917269 kinds of snow and ice we see. And the Fjords (horses), except for one wonky bridle. Some fantastic images… and… snurfle, sniffle, chuckle, guffaw, sniffle…

    Blog on…


    • I figured you’d love it! Hopefully my review will post tomorrow (it’s about halfway done) and there are more quoted scheduled in the coming days. I loved it as well, and though I prefer Tangled it’s more a matter of personal taste because I consider them equally fantastic.


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