John Williams Returning to Star Wars!

John Williams Autograph

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As I’m sure you have read by now, John Williams is returning to compose the score for Star Wars: Episode VII.  This is, of course, fantastic news.  When J.J. Abrams was announced as director, many people assumed that his longtime collaborator, Michael Giacchino would do the score.  This would have been a suitable second choice, as Giacchino is really an excellent composer, and seems to have been very heavily influenced by Williams, but nothing can compare to having Williams back.  He recorded this interview for the Star Wars convention at which his return was announced.  Check it out:

I love how he talks about knowing where to put “the surprise button” after watching the film, as opposed to simply reading the script.  He has such a deep knowledge of the language of storytelling on film, and his film scores are equally important to the acting, directing, cinematography and writing of the films they’re in.  In many ways, his score is the last piece of the puzzle to come together.

I’m thrilled that he’s returning to familiar territory, because he was able to doe some really creative things with the score for the prequel trilogy.  “Duel of the Fates” is a masterpiece of film scoring, and the added scope of the prequels let him expand the epic feel of the Star Wars musical library.  I hope that he will be back for more than just Episode VII, however if he should decide to quit after one (which isn’t likely) he will still have been able to lay the foundation for the others.  After all, he scored the first three Harry Potter movies, yet his score was integral to the entire series.  Perhaps he can continue to score the “main” films, while Giacchino scores the “spinoffs” that have been proposed.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

What do you think?  Are you happy that John Williams will be back?  Would you have preferred Giacchino or someone else?  What’s your favorite John Williams score or piece?  Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “John Williams Returning to Star Wars!

  1. I grew up on Star Trek, so it was a surprise to go to the theater for Star Wars and hear this classical music belting majestically out of the big screen. It is, of course, perfect for SW, which is more myth and faerie tale than sci-fi. The score drew me to further investigate classical music itself, something I might not have otherwise done. Here’s hoping we see more of Mr. John Williams incredible work!


    • Star Wars is much more space fantasy than sci-fi, and the music reflects that. I grew up with both Wars and Trek, and for me they compliment each other really well. I’m glad Williams’ music pointed you in the direction of classical music!


  2. This either means they are trying to emulate all that was great about the original trilogy or they are desperately trying to give kudos to this tired retread. I expect it is the former and hopefully Williams will give us some amazing new music alongside wonderful new variations on old themes just as he did with the prequel trilogy. In fact Williams’ music was probably one of the best things about episodes I – III. I was originally nonplussed about the idea of more Star Wars films as last time this was a big disappointment but slowly (across those first two days after the announcement) I began to get excited. The fact that they then got J.J on board just compounded this. Frankly, it wouldn’t quite be Star Wars without a Williams score and this all bodes well.


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