Trailer Tuesday: Thor: The Dark World

Welcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies, since I’ve always found them to be endlessly fascinating.

The trailer for Thor: The Dark World, aka Thor 2, was released recently.  It’s due out November 8th.  Take a look at the trailer and read on for my thoughts.

1) The first thing I noticed is how different the visual style is for The Dark World than the first movie.  I enjoyed Thor more than I thought I would, and I give Kenneth Branagh most of the credit for that.  So while I’m sad that he’s gone as director, I’m happy to see that new director Alan Taylor has given it an interesting style.  Branagh’s vision of Asgard was very different from this one, which has a darker and grittier look.  In particular…

2) the battles.  While I thought the New Mexico action in Thor was visually interesting and exciting to watch, the Asgard/Frost Giant battle at the beginning was a big ball of CG mess, and a boring mess at that.  The battle sequences we see in this trailer seem more in line with Lord of the Rings than what we saw in Thor (and in fact, more like The Two Towers, than Return of the King).  The attempt to make Thor and Asgard more grounded and realistic is a good thing in this case, and will provide a nice balance with the first film.  Given the Norse mythology basis for the characters, a dark and dirty style seems very fitting.

3) Judging by the internet, I was one of the rare few who enjoyed the New Mexico scenes more than the Asgard scenes.  I thought the story of Thor as a mortal exiled in a land he felt beneath him was more interesting than the Shakespearean politics of Asgard (and this is from someone who loves Shakespeare with a passion).  So I’m a little disappointed by the trailer’s implication that most of the film will take place away from Earth.  We get a terrorist-style attack on what appears to be London, as Odin narrates about the darkness that existed before the universe, and then Thor arrives and takes Jane back to his home.  I’m encouraged by this, however, as it allows a role reversal from the first film.

4) We get glimpses of the “Warriors Three”, whose roles in the first film were minimal,  as well as Jane’s romantic rival, Sif.  We also get to see the return of Thor’s parents and Jane’s coworkers.  We see a bit of who I assume is the villain of the piece, as Jane seems to be in jeopardy.  None of it is enough to get a good handle on the plot, but that will be for future trailers to explore.

5) Of course, I can’t discuss this trailer without mentioning the return of Loki.  For many (most?) of the fandom, the Thor/Loki relationship is the biggest draw of these movies.  And Tom Hiddleston is certainly the biggest draw for fangirls.  It seems that he’s still imprisoned after the events of The Avengers, though Thor comes to him for help, perhaps to help rescue Jane.  There promises to be much of the brotherly strife that people enjoy, with the struggle to find the balance between enemy/family highlighted by Thor’s promise to kill Loki when (not if) he betrays Thor.

6) Loki’s hair.  Holy crap, it completely deserves it’s own spot.  That is one bad wig (or hair style if it’s his own).  Hopefully it doesn’t stay that way for long.  It’s hard to take Loki as a menacing badass/smooth manipulator with that hair.

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to Thor: The Dark World?  Am I crazy for liking the New Mexico sections of Thor more than the Asgard ones?  Could Loki’s hair look worse?  Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday: Thor: The Dark World

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