Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

Sometimes when you go out to a nice restaurant you want the newest, most exciting thing on the menu.  You want something that will challenge your taste buds, something surprising and original, which gives you unique ingredients in unforeseen combinations, blowing your mind with its creativity.  Other times you want something intimately familiar, a favorite dish you’ve ordered countless times before.  It may familiar and routine, but while the mind craves the new sometimes the heart longs for the familiar.  The same could be said for film.  In The Hundred-Foot Journey, the characters spend their days trying to reconcile the new and creative with the old and familiar.  As for the movie itself there’s little new to shock and surprise, but in its familiarity the film feels intimate and reassuring, hitting all of the familiar beats of a dish that we may know very well yet is still wonderfully crafted and a joy to eat.

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