Jurassic World director responds to spoilers in an interesting way

Spoilers have become an increasingly big problem for filmmakers, and most tend to overcompensate for them in one way or another.  Movie shoots are often incredibly secretive places, with scripts numbered and collected at the end of the day and excessive at filming locations.  This makes some sense, as any set photo or leaked plot details might affect the public’s desire to see a film.  Of course, leaks are bound to happen and there are a variety of ways to respond to them.  You can completely ignore them, which is the most common tactic.  You can take the J.J. Abrams route and deny them even though Benedict Cumberbatch is obviously playing Khan.  You can simply shut down your movie before it ever gets started, like Quentin Tarantino did after the entire script for his film The Hateful Eight leaked earlier this year.  Or, you can do what Colin Trevorrow, the director of Jurassic World, the upcoming fourth entry in the Jurassic Park series, did when the general plot of his film leaked.  He confirmed the rumors about his film, while taking time to lament the era of the spoiler.

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