Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

It’s very telling that I can remember almost nothing from the plot of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, yet I enjoyed every minute of it. From the film’s opening moments, where it sends Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt up into the sky hanging from the side of a cargo plane in one of the series’ trademark insane stunts, Rogue Nation is a gripping thrill ride, and things like plot, story, and character development be damned. Now on its fifth film, the Mission: Impossible series has evolved and changed over the past nineteen years through a rotating slate of directors, with Cruise’s guiding presence the only true constant, and it seems the series is finally hitting a consistent stride. In jettisoning everything extraneous to the adrenaline rush with which the films hope to jolt the audience, this franchise has become all about the action, and the evolution suits it. Mission: Impossible may only offer half of the James Bond equation for espionage thrillers, but it does so with humor, style, and exciting stunts that make it an excellent way to spend a weekend afternoon with a tub of popcorn by your side.

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