Reaction: Agents of SHIELD – “Melinda” and “The Frenemy of My Enemy”

Melinda May

I’m back with another two episodes of SHIELD to discuss, finally catching up to the present.  The last two I covered saw Coulson’s team deposed and scattered, with some on the run, others stuck with the new regime, and Skye off with the Inhumans learning to understand her powers.  Our first episode (look for the second on page two), gave us something we’ve been waiting for since the show’s first episode, the story of how Melinda May became the Cavalry in Bahrain.  We also got some further intrigue and revelations from Skye and the Inhumans, as well as the situation becoming much less clear back at SHIELD.  So let’s jump into “Melinda,” written by DJ Doyle and directed by Garry A. Brown.
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