In Memoriam: Robin Williams

I don’t even know how to begin to talk about Robin Williams. It seems ridiculous to try to remind people of his many standout roles and performances, because he was so iconic that any reminder is unnecessary. I could easily just post a list of his film, TV and stand-up works and everyone would instantly share my feelings by simply reading the list and having a thousand images and moments flash through their heads. I could highlight his unique talents at comedy and improvisation, in which he was in a class all by himself, or pull out examples of his dramatic roles throughout the years in order to needlessly prove that he was a real actor. I could point to his generous charity work, whether with the USO or St. Jude’s, or I could use the tragic circumstances of his passing to help bring awareness to depression and suicide. Yet instead I find myself flooded with moments, each tied to the most vivid of memories.

I remember Genie, because everyone remembers Genie. Continue reading

Review: Epic

Epic is almost exactly what you would expect from the trailers.  In many ways, it’s a ripoff of Ferngully, minus the obvious environmental message (one of Ferngully‘s most endearing attributes).  It varyingly hints at or downright copies elements from that movie, from characters, to story, to design.  It also borrows from a slew of other films, including Arthur and the Minimoys, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Happy Feet.  I knew all of this going into the theater, and had already begun to write my review in my head when something unexpected happened.  Epic won me over.

I’m not entirely sure when or how it happened, all I know is by the final act I was genuinely enjoying myself. Continue reading