Firefly Cargo Crate #2 Review – June 2016

Yesterday I received in the mail the 2nd Firefly Cargo Crate from Loot Crate and Quantum Mechanix, surprisingly only a few hours after getting an email letting me know it was being prepared and to expect it in 10-14 days! The first delivery in this b-monthly Firefly/Serenity-exclusive subscription box came in April and was centered around Kaylee. I was generally impressed with the first box, specifically how well it was curated with regards to Kaylee and some of the more surprising items included. (As a side note, the awesome Kaylee bear is now available to purchase separately from QMx, so I would expect to see some of the new items from the June box for sale in the coming months as well.) This month’s box was all about “the man they call Jayne,” our favorite idolized mercenary. This time out we got another wide variety of items, though I have to say I wasn’t quite as impressed with Jayne’s box as I was with Kaylee’s, and I found myself with some questions as to how the rest of this series will play out. (For those who are interested, you can receive a discount on any Loot Crate subscription by clicking on this link.)

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Firefly Cargo Crate #1 Review – March 2016

I’ve long had mixed feelings about subscription boxes. I had a Loot Crate subscription for a while, and it’s definitely fun getting a regular package in the mail full of surprise items in which you have an interest, but I didn’t keep my subscription for very long. I always felt that while technically getting my “money’s worth” from the box in the sense that the value of the items inside met or exceeded the cost of the box my money could be better spent elsewhere. I’m a pretty big geek/nerd, and those type of boxes are theoretically right up my alley, but the reality was that there was only ever one or two items I really liked or had any interest in in each box and the other stuff felt like filler. And even the items that were a big hit weren’t necessarily things I would have bought on my own, so I ended up just filling my house with stuff I didn’t necessarily want even if it was stuff I liked. In the end, the bulk of the enjoyment came from the anticipation and mystery of what would be in the next box and the thrill of discovery, rather than from the box itself.

But Loot Crate recently teamed up with Quantum Mechanix (, purveyors of a wide variety of exclusive items from a variety of licenses, to offer a new box just for fans of Firefly/Serenity: the Firefly Cargo Crate. Firefly is one of my all-time favorite shows and Serenity one of my favorite movies, so this seemed tailored just for me. Add in the fact that each bi-monthly Cargo Crate will contain a Little Damn Hero “Mini Master” figure (redoing a line of figures by QMX from a few years ago which were extremely popular but which only released figures of 7 of the 9 main characters from the show), and I was sold. Loot Crate claims that each box contains at least $65 worth of items and the boxes cost $39.99 each (including S&H), though you can save a little money by purchasing a longer plan. The first Firefly Cargo Crate arrived this weekend, so I thought I’d do a bit of an unboxing/review and give you a peek at what’s inside. And if you’re interested you can click here to save $5 off this or any Loot Crate!
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