Recap: Agents of SHIELD – “4,722 Hours”

Simmons - "4,722 Hours"

Set the confrontations, revelations, and potential deaths of last week’s exciting episode, because this week gave us perhaps the best Agents of SHIELD episode ever! “4,722 Hours” finally showed us what happened to Simmons after she was sucked into the monolith in an episode that was dramatic, exciting, scary, heartbreaking, and highly emotional, with constantly unexpected twists and turns that will no doubt have a huge impact on the season ahead. It was one of the boldest episodes imaginable, completely unlike anything we’ve seen from the show before, and it was all anchored by an absolutely stunning performance by Elizabeth Henstridge. So let’s go ahead and get sucked into the portal of “4,722 Hours”, written by Craig Titley and directed by Jesse Bochco.

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