1 thought on “Tonight’s Movie: Peter Pan & Wendy

  1. I enjoy these live action remakes of classic Disney animation. You wouldn’t want to redo the amazing animation, just retell the tale for a new generation.

    I enjoyed this one (though others might have been better, but then, it deserves a second look). Jude Law is…well… Jude Law! I had to consider that the entire cast, pretty much, is kids. I think they did a fine job. I like some of the 21st century viewpoint updates, the inclusion of more women/girls and diversity… this is a classic, universal tale, ALL children need to see themselves in it.

    Lots of nods to the original animation. The slide down a sail with sword/knife scene is actually from The Black Pirate, with Douglas Fairbanks. Everyone’s been copying it since.

    Let us kow what you think!

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