Discussing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

What do you think? Should I do more videos like this? Got any suggestions for a better name for the videos? Should I try to post a wider variety of content in the hopes of making myself post more frequently? Have I written too much about Pirates of the Caribbean? Did you enjoy Dead Men Tell No Tales? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Discussing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

  1. Hey, haven’t been here in awhile (explosions of life) and was actually looking for review of Logan (love Marvel, heartily dislike grim grey apocalypses, but it was well done, and Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman are genius).

    Before I even look at this I will point out that I love all the Pirates films, the whole friggin in the riggin series, and Johnny Depp is some kind of fey mythological alien genius. Also I was taught to drive a pirate ship by someone who walked the same decks as Depp and Bloom (I guest crewed on Pride of Baltimore II, and they let you steer at one point… in the middle of the bay where you can’t hit anything… the sailor standing by to instruct… and save the gazillion dollar privateer reproduction, had crewed on Lady Washington, the ship they stea…eh…commandeer, it’s a nautical term… in the first Pirates film).

    Admittedly some of the films are better than others, that’s the way of series. Some episodes stand out. None of it is meant to be great literature, rather a fun thrill ride with all the archetypal pirate stuff you thought you knew as a kid.

    I’m only sorry I didn’t see it on the big screen. Bah, converses like a mariner. Somehow got blown off course and missed that.

    Well, I thought it was fun…

    Two observations: Johnny Depp is some kind of Mythological Being Who Never Ages…Orlando Bloom, who actually played an Elf, ages well.

    And nice nods toward the attitudes of the time; witches and educated women and all.

    I don’t care how many times they raise a ship from the depths, it’s always Epic.


  2. Also doing videos is easier for the reviewer (you can do it while driving somewhere), and the audience can also wash the dishes or something while listening.

    I dunno, I like All Reel Drive.


  3. “It’s not really Jack’s story”…

    …because the Trickster Figure has to be a supporting character.

    Your commute is a fabulous landscape…

    There were some interesting parallels between Moana and this… girls, boats, navigation, star charts, follow the hook, er, trident…descend to Lalotai…eh…bottom of the sea where you will meet monsters…get the hook…eh…trident… thing owned by a god of the sea…it’ll give you powers…

    …wait, they’re both Disney…

    oh, yeah, I hate it when there’s no continuity and they ignore canon…but I totally forgot all that stuff about the crew being in the bottle…

    there’s weather in that bottle…

    Ah yes, Hans Zimmer….!!!

    No you have not written too much about Pirates.

    I am right now buying a sail on a “pirate ship”… Downrigging Weekend, Chestertown MD, Privateer Lynx!

    Much as we’d miss Johnny Depp, it may be useful to focus more on Will and Eliz. Both excellent actors as well as many of the others. Didn’t hear about the Depp controversy, sad.

    The Pirate Who Will Never Die… yaaaaaaaaas.

    I too hope they can keep the quality up. Stop rather than making increasing bad sequels.

    Though I would like to keep seeing these every so often. I mean, no one else is doing fasbulous pirate movies!

    Also, odd side note:

    Actual historic reproduction tall ships struggle to stay afloat. Like most parks, museums and non profits they don’t find financial support all that easy.Still, a number sail, educating kids and the general public who can do a “two hour tour” on a “pirate ship”, and literally learn some of the ropes.

    One crewmember mentioned to me that every time one of these Pirates films comes out, the number of people coming to events and sailing on the ships (and supporting them) goes up.

    Pirates is helping keep history alive, spreading its vast canvas wings on the wind, and charting a course to adventure.

    Also, my best hopes for the future of you and your wife. You never forget tragedy, but it can heal. Follow your hearts…

    And keep blogging, or video blogging. You’re still one of the most interesting folks on the web. Carry on.


  4. Your comments on changing the ride are great.

    Stuff has to change, especially when it comes with social conscience change.

    PS: Female pirates: there are two wild ponies on Assateague Island named Anne Bonny and Mary Reed.


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