Quote of the Day

Uhura: Captain! Starfleet just signalled your transfer-of-command orders, sir.

Sulu: Captain!

Kirk: I appreciate your welcome. I wish the circumstances were less critical. Epsilon Nine is monitoring the intruder. Keep a channel open.

Uhura: Aye sir.

Kirk: Where’s Captain Decker?

Sulu: He’s in engineering, sir… He… doesn’t know.

Kirk: Mister Chekov!

Chekov: Aye sir.

Kirk: Assemble the crew on the Recreation Deck at 0400 hours. I want to show them what we’re facing. (leaves)

Sulu: He wanted her back. He got her!

Ensign: And Captain Decker? He’s been with the ship every minute of her refitting.

Uhura: Ensign, the possibilities of our returning from this mission in one piece may have just doubled.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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