Completed Cinderella’s Castle Cross-Stitch

276 days of work, usually 2-3 hours per day. I’ll post a final picture once it’s been washed and framed, but the stitching is finished! Once I’ve put it together I’m going to post a video with all of the sequential progress. Thanks for indulging all of my progress posts.

10 thoughts on “Completed Cinderella’s Castle Cross-Stitch

  1. Wow! I remember when you started this, and have been silently watching your progress ever since. Congrats on completing this, and for sticking with it for so long! A lot of people would have taken much longer over it. You should be very proud of yourself. 🙂



    That is insane.

    As a professional framer (I work at AC Moore and we do get some fairly extensive training in the framing dept.), I suggest with all that fabulous work and effort, that you get it professionally framed somewhere.

    The difference (from off the shelf framing) is that it will be archival, museum quality, and it will last for generations (OK, we guarantee a century or so, which is probably about the same as most places). There are lots of ways to do that on a budget, but the thing to remember is:

    glass protects from dust and fading, but never allow contact between glass and art (contact points collect moisture and then weird things begin to grow on your art)… there are economical glasses that still protect, you don’t have to have the fancy stuff, though it is nice and often invisible

    mats in various color layers enhance the appearance and bring out colors as well as keep the art away from the glass…also looks really cool; layers of depth

    if you don’t want mats (or the piece is too big) you can have glass spacers put under the frame to keep the art off the glass… they’re invisible

    there are various ways to mount needlework; sticky board is sometimes used, but pinning/stitching is more archival

    you could slightly shadowbox it: not a deep shadowbox, but layers of mats and foamcore between creates depth

    there are lots and lots of nifty frames that don’t cost a fortune

    usually at any framing shop, the whole package is a better deal than just getting parts


    This deserves a fantastic place on your wall. It is a fabulous piece of handmade original art. (I’d be tearing my hair out after the third day bwaaa haaa haaaaa).

    Can’t wait to see how you finish it with framing! It will be awesome.


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