Quote of the Day

Sookie: OK, don’t panic.

Lorelai: Good opening line. What’s wrong?

Sookie: We’re out of ice.

Lorelai: How could we be out of ice? We had a ton of ice. It was like a penguin habitat in there.

Sookie: I don’t know how it happened, I just know it happened and somehow we have to deal with it.

Lorelai: I will go and get some then.

(Luke comes in carrying ice.)

Lorelai: Oh! Oh my God! You’re a vision! Sookie, we have ice!

Sookie: Hallelujah.

Lorelai: How did you know?

Luke: Well, a good rule of thumb is you can never have too much ice.

Lorelai: Oh, you’re the best.

Gilmore Girls ā€” Season 1: Episode 6 ā€” “Rory’s Birthday Parties”

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