6 thoughts on “Today’s Movie: Alice Through the Looking Glass

  1. I am so conflicted about seeing this movie now and it kills me. I am such an Alice in Wonderland junkie. But I do not want to support someone involved in domestic violence as a survivor myself. But I want to see this movie so badly! (Please note I do not judge anyone for their choices, just sharing my current personal conundrum)

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    • I completely understand, and I 100% support whatever you decide. It’s a tough choice for anyone, but especially anyone with a connection to domestic violence. If I could help your conundrum, either by talking you into it or out of it, let me know.

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      • I appreciate that! I think I just need time to see the results. Does he check himself into rehabilitation and get help? Does it turn out the accusations are false as his friends state?

        In the mean time I’ll be watching the SyFy series to feed my Wonderland addiction!

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